MAI Designation

What is MAI Designation

The MAI credential is held by a select group of appraisers. These appraisers have extensive experience in the assessment and evaluation of residential, commercial, and industrial properties and can provide customers with advice on real estate investment options.

MAI appraisers have met stringent requirements in terms of education, testing, and experience. They’ve also had to demonstrate their comprehension, knowledge, and skill. To put it another way, MAI appraisers have spent several years beyond state-certified appraisers getting additional education and experience. To demonstrate their mastery of commercial property valuation rules, these appraisers have also taken thorough exams and prepared a paper equivalent to a thesis paper.

Why Should I Hire an MAI Appraiser?

When looking for a commercial appraiser, look for MAI-designated appraisers in particular. The MAI designation confirms that appraisers have dedicated significant effort to honing their valuation and analytic skills.

While many experts understand how to value a property, only MAI-designated appraisers adhere to the Appraisal Institute’s higher requirements. This is especially true for commercial evaluations, which demand a higher level of sensitivity and precision than even residential appraisals.

When challenging tax assessments, MAI-designated appraisers will also be able to assist property owners in dealing with the upcoming 2020 changes. Texas is prepared to withdraw the right of property owners who believe their property values have been overstated to request informal face-to-face hearings for the first time in decades.

This change takes effect this year and eliminates a vital phase in the state’s resolution process. Keeping this in mind, our MAI-designated Appraisers can assist with a Tax Appeal appraisal.